We handle all the details that keep our guests coming back and our hotels in new condition. We staff each hotel with highly qualified and capable general managers, sales personnel and front line workforce. We provide the hotel staff with corporate support, and give the general manager the best opportunity to succeed by providing the tools they need, such as training, revenue enhancement modeling, national sales representation, centralized accounting, knowledge and awareness of best demonstrated practices, maximum engagement of the franchiser and more. We keep our hotels at their physical best with regular inspections and a comprehensive preventative maintenance program, and track property operating costs very closely, ensuring maximum value for each dollar expended. And, because S&L Hospitality has world-class purchasing resources, our hotels benefit from buying leverage equal to major national hotel organizations. ​

​S&L Hospitality is committed to being a leader in innovative hotel management practices. The cornerstone of our management philosophy is guest satisfaction. It is our number one priority.