Specific capabilities include:​

• Market analysis and selection, site identification, and site acquisition negotiation

• Franchise selection and license negotiation

• Obtaining all necessary government approvals, including engineering, environmental zoning and utilities

• Qualification and selection of designer, architect and contractor(s), and contract negotiations

• Acquisition and placement of debt and investment equity

• Design and engineering process oversight

• Construction bids and final pricing oversight 

• Pre-opening marketing

• Negotiation and purchasing of all furnishings, fixtures and equipment

• Punch list inspections, and follow-up with all involved contractors to ensure a first-class final product

• Staffing and opening

• Post-opening management and marketing program 

FF&E purchasing services include:
• Delivery date
• Item description
• Purchase order number
​• Quantity
• Unit/total price
​• Vendor


Our approach to a project begins with careful consideration of each development opportunities' unique characteristics, from the acquisition project that needs extensive renovation, change of franchise, and new management, or a brand new hotel requiring site analysis and negotiation. We pride ourselves on sound investments and opportunities for ourselves, the hotel owner, and our investors. Every hour and every dollar invested is precious to be able to maximize a return on investment both professionally and financially. 

To the prospective owner, S&L Hospitality oversees the entire development process from start to finish. We have a proven track record of success in creating award-winning developments and have a very focused vision for achieving results.